PORTFOLIO > Rockcliff Carriage House

The carriage house for the historic Rockcliff estate on Bellevue Avenue has been largely unused by the owners and has served mainly as a maintenance building for the property. The existing second floor was still outfitted with small apartment rooms for staff of an earlier time period. To fully utilize the space, the owners requested a large great room with accommodations for a couple of overnight guests. Hull Cove was challenged with fitting modern living into this historic building without compromising its character and detailing. The exterior, including the graduated slate roof, was preserved and restored while the interior was completely reworked. Although even with a new second floor layout, original fabric of the building was preserved by refurbishing and reusing items such as wood doors and wood flooring. The end result was successful for both the owners and the long-term preservation of a historic property.

Location: Newport, RI
Contractor: Kirby Perkins Construction
Photographer: Anthony Crisafulli

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